Soundscript FAQ



To install a soundscript into Links:

1) Place the .ssf file into the main Links folder (default for this would be: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Links 2003). If the soundscript is zipped, it must be "extracted" into the main Links folder using a program like WinZip or PKzip.
2) Start Links and click on the "OPTIONS" button at the bottom of the screen. On the next screen click on the "SOUND" button. In the screen that pops up, click on the arrow under "Soundscript For Normal Play" and choose the script you want to switch to from the options that pop up. Click the OK button and in the next game you play will hear your new script.


To extract the wavs from a Soundscript and then use those wavs in the Chat Window:

1) Open the script containing the wavs you want using the Soundscript editor. Make sure the "Clean up sound storage directory" box is NOT checked before you press the "Edit Script" button. Let the wavs decompress until you see the Editor screen come up. Press the "Close" button. (making sure you do NOT press the "Clean Up" button)

Exit the editor and Links and open Windows Explorer. 
Browse to the Links folder (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Links 2003) and look for the folder called LinkSnd (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Links 2003\LinkSnd), and browse into that folder. Inside that folder you will find all of the wavs from the script you just decompressed. Take the wavs that you want to keep and use and drag them into your WAVS folder (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Links 2003\WAVS).

After you have moved all of the wavs you want to keep into your WAVS folder, delete the LinkSnd folder. This will NOT affect any part of the game. It is just a folder that is created when a soundscript is decompressed and would have been deleted by Links if you had pressed the "Clean Up" button or put a check in the "Clean up sound storage directory" box. 

Reboot and the wavs you kept will now be available for use in chat during a game.


To install WAVS for use in the Chat Window:

1) Place the individual .wav files into the WAVS folder inside the main Links folder (default for this would be: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Links 2003\WAVS). The wavs must be in .wav format, not the entire soundscript's .ssf format.
2) During a game, type the name of the .wav file in the Chat Cam box. The wav's name must be bracketed using the arrow brackets. For example, it would look like this for a wav named "Good Chip": <goodchip.wav>. You can also use the browse button in the Chat Cam box and just highlight the desired wav and press the Enter button. This will trigger the wav which can be heard by all those playing in your game.


To edit the individual ANI scripts for your golfer:

Copy new wavs that you're adding to your script into the LINKSND folder (default for this would be: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Links 2003\LINKSND).

1) Start Links2003.
Click on "Options".
3) Click on "Sound Settings".
4) Click on "Edit a Soundscript" in the Sound Setup screen.
Browse to your PolyAni folder inside your Links2003 folder (default for this would be: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Links 2003\PolyAni) and choose the .ssf file you want to edit (example: male1.ssf) and click on "Open"
6) After the wav extraction into the LINKSND folder , the Soundscript Editor will open. Edit your golfers comments by adding your own wavs, click on "Save as", give the new script a name, then click "OK".
Click on the "Clean Up" button, click "Yes" in the pop up box. (WARNING- This will delete all wavs in the LINKSND folder !!! ) and close the Soundscript Editor. Make sure the "Voice Sound Script Sounds" box is checked in Sound Setup.
8) In "Player Options", choose your ANI and change the default soundscript to you new soundscript.

After editing is complete, the entire LINKSND folder may be deleted. This will have NO affect on any soundscript but all individual wavs will be deleted.

Soundscript hangs when trying to comment on other player's shots:

Remove and reinstall Audio Compression Drivers.

To remove and reinstall Windows 95/98 Audio Compression drivers:
Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.
Double-click Add/Remove Programs.
On the Windows Setup tab, click Multimedia, and then click Details.
Click the Audio Compression check box to clear it, and then click OK.
Click Apply.
On the Windows Setup tab, click Multimedia, and then click Details.
Click the Audio Compression check box to select it, and then click OK.
Click OK.
Follow the instructions on the screen to finish installing the audio compression drivers.

The method described above is for Windows98. Instructions for WindowsXP can be found HERE.



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