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Since the early days of Links386, the background voices and noises have been an integral part of the Links golf series. These sounds are triggered by a file called a soundscript. With the introduction of LinksLS in 1996, these scripts were taken to a new height by the addition of a SoundScript editor that allowed users to use their own wav files to create new scripts that were limited only by the imagination of the creator. Thanks to innovators such as Mark Fulton, Tim "Yeastman" Lentz, Terry "tks" Savage and Larry "Hackmaster" Schwartz, soundscripts have now become an important and essential part of the Links golf experience.

Within these archives are the newest and some of the original scripts that have been created over the years. These scripts were created by golfers such as yourself and are stored here for your enjoyment. The scripts are free and are offered through the generosity of their creators. You are more than welcome to share, distribute, or edit any of these scripts with the agreement that they are forever public domain and are never to be sold.

PLEASE, feel free to email the original authors and thank them for their unselfish contribution to the world of Links golf.

Special thanks to LinksCorner  for refusing to let these soundscripts or this site die.


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